Home Use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OR-S


Home use fiber laser cutting machine designed for small-scale work. This metal fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for home use. The whole fiber laser cutters with the safety protection cover, PMI screw drive, precision cutting. It has a small footprint and can meet the metal cutting of the home.


  • Min.Order Price: 1 set
  • Supply ability: 250 Set/Sets per Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C D/A D/P T/T
  • US: 38000-120000
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    Product Tags

    • Duarum magnitudinum in 1.Available pacto: MCCC 900mm * et * 1000mm MD;
    • 2.Energy efficient: Lowest cursus pretium cutting in metallum,
    • Auto-altitudo 3.Capacitive cutting caput accommodanti,
    • 4.Closed loop servo motoribus, / stupra pila pro celeri precise secare;
    • 5.Low potentia ducatur (minus quam 2KW);
    • Tionem radiorum 6.Enclosed protegit contra consilium;
    • 7.Programmable adiuvaret Gas solenoid secantibus praestricta,
    • 8.1070nm alimentorum fibra laser 3x ad efficientiam 10x absorption of CO2 cutting in metallum,
    • Opticus alimentorum fibra funem de intus est 9.Laser continebat (neque speculo etiam ad adjust);
    • 10.10x minor quam macula magnitudinum 10.6um CO2 uolueris capillus type:
    • 11.Solid in statu durante laser capillus 50,000hrs;
    • 12.Various options de potentia 500W, ad 2KW;
    • 13.Easily Indorum intersecans terras 6mm chalybe, 3 mm insontes et amici, 2mm aluminium (500W).

    Cast aluminum beam
    Cast aluminum beam has high strength, strong stability, light weight, high speed, strong shock resistance, safety, maximum speed of 170 meters / minute; 1.5 G acceleration; improve the overall performance of laser cutting machine

    Stand-alone electric control cabinet
    Electrical device assembly, strong and weak electrical separation, minimize board interference; easy to maintain, good heat dissipation, dust-proof, anti-static interference

    Raytools laser cutting head
    Swiss RAYTOOLS produced fiber cutting head that suitable for medium and high power industrial applications launched in 2017. And it did comprehensive optimization in dustproof design and customer experience.

    Full protection
    Stylish and technological appearance, European protection standards, fiber optic protective glass can filter glare and protect the eyes.

    Technical Parameters

    working area MCCC 900mm * 500X600mm 1500X1000mm
    Positioning subtiliter ± 0.02mm ± 0.02mm ± 0.02mm
    Acceleratio max 60m/min 60m/min 60m/min
    X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy ± 0.03mm ± 0.03mm ± 0.03mm
    Maximum Acceleration 1G 1G 1G
    laser power 500W,800W,1000W,1500W,2000W 500W,800W,1000W,1500W,2000W 500W,800W,1000W,1500W,2000W




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  • model OR-S MCCCIX OR-S MDX
    Area working MCCC 900mm * MD * 1000mm
    Laser virtutis Dei 500W / 800W / 1000W / 1500w / 2000W / 3000w
    Dimensiones (W * I * h) MM * * MMCC 1700mm MMC * * MMCD 1700mm
    pondus 1500kg 2000kg
    Positioning repeat Sagaciter ± 0.02mm
    Positioning subtiliter  ± 0.03mm
    Max. minuit motum dimidia 40m / min
    Max. Volo secantis 35m / min
    Acceleratio max 0.6G
    Potentia consummatio <10KW
    And frequency certa voltage 380V / 50Hz / 60Hz / 60A (Fusce)


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