This  co2 flatbed laser engraving machine is different from the other co2 laser engravers with the features of the new chassis.This flatbed co2 laser engraver & cutter with a large working surface and high operating speed, supporting large-format cutting and improves the user’s work efficiency. The co2 laser engraver adopt integration  frame structure design, making the machine  running  stable without noise. In addition,  with the world class level imported component, the CO2 laser engraving machine has a good cutting quality.

  • Min.Order Price: 1 set
  • Supply ability: 250 Set/Sets per Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C D/A D/P T/T
  • US: 4000-8000
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    Product Tags

    1.Has grantted dictum est disposito in patentibus appreance et ars;
    2.Interlocking door with auto-shutdown protection device;
    3.Optional rotary attachment for round bottles engraving;
    4.Red Cross accurate positus gessit, et velox in loco working invenire. Arx et specula lens, tribus, et viam unam summam ratio eripere effectum praestent;
    Laser focused caput 5.Equipped cum manual, flexibile, accurate, potest adjust in apparatus situ et focus cutting incisio vel secundum alternationem faciunt characteres et materia crassitudine et trabem faciat de consortio non curare statuas qualis;
    6.Open software interface, compatible with DXF, AI, PLT, DST, DSB and vector file such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, MNG, equipotential graphic format;
    7.Equipped Chiller cum aqua, melius laser capillus praesidio fistulam, per patientiam sustentatur vita servitium est laseris
    Populus Novifacta Quotidiana 8.Universal rotae et pedes ut pedes switch cum apparatus magis convenient movetur;
    9.Elegant appearance design with the industrial grade steel structure, the thicker base can make the machine running stable and smoothly;
    10.Patent technology, volutabatur spumans fumigant pulvis unique ipso removenda aeris ictu praesidium.

    Laser power upgrade
    The laser machine’s power is optional from 40w to 280w and different power cut different thicknesses materials

    Autofocus system
    The machine adds an auto-focusing device, which can be calibrated by the software machine and find the focus for cutting.

    knife counter
    It can be used to cut hard materials, except that it has relatively long service.

    Technical Parameters

    Area working * MCCC 2500mm MD * 3000mm
    Laser virtutis Dei 80W/100W/120W/150W 80W/100W/120W/150W
    Sagaciter locating ≤ 0.01mm + ≤ 0.01mm +
    sculpere cælaturas speed 0-20000mm / min 0-20000mm / min
    Min. engraving Size English Letter. 1.0mm*1.0mm English Letter. 1.0mm*1.0mm
    refrigerant Type Refrigerant aqua Refrigerant aqua
    Cooling Softwar DSP Control System DSP Control System
    Medio summa praecisione 2500DPI 2500DPI


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  • model Ob MCCCXXV Ob MDXXX
    Area working * MCCC 2500mm MD * 3000mm
    Laser virtutis Dei 80W / 100W / 120W / 150W / 180W
    Laser Type CO2 Signatum laser Tube, 10.6μm
    refrigerant Type Refrigerant aqua
    sculpere cælaturas speed 0-20000mm / min
    Laser output Imperium 0-100% constitue ex Software
    Min. engraving Size Seres: * 2.0mm 2.0mm; Anglicus littera: * 1.0mm 1.0mm
    Medio summa praecisione 2500DPI
    Sagaciter locating ≤ 0.01mm +
    dominantur Software DSP Control System
    Forma graphic suffulti DST, PLT, BMP, DXF, DWG confracto, intellegentia artificialis, LAS, etc.
    compatible Software Tajima, Coreldraw, Photoshop, autocad OMNES DE FORMA AutoCad pannis Software
    Ratio coegi Summus praecisione Stepper Motor
    auxilia Equipments Aeris et exhauriunt fan exhaurit
    Vox Suggero AC110V / X% ± 220V, 50HZ / 60Hz
    Situs laboris Temperature: 0-45 ℃, Humidity5-95% (Condensate nulla aqua)
    optionem Worktable ferrum, Honeycomb Worktable, Position Red dot Ratio
    material Secare gemmarii sculpes
    Acrylic, plexiglass, PMMA, Perspex, Organic Board: Puer Color Plate
    Plastic, PP, CARUS, PC, PMMA, PS, pes, PA: Foils plastic & Films, Polycarbonate: Polyester sive membrana Polyimide Klaviatūras
    Lignum, Bamboo, Veneer, MDF, Blasa lignum, Aluminium
    Zonam, Pig corium, Leather Bos, ovis zonam
    Textile, Cottonus, Silius Italicus, vulnera laetus Labitur, Lace, Saccharum & Technical Textiles, Aramid: Polyester, Vellus ×
    & Spumam Filter järn Polyester (PES), Polyethylene (PE), Polyurethane (PUR) × ×
    Neopren × ×
    Charta, cardboard, Chipboard Quaestus, Ephemerides Board
    Stone, Ceramic Granite, Marmor, Natural Stone, Pebble Stone, slate
    Notat Flexilis, synthetica rubber & Silicone, Naturalis Flexilis, microporous Spuma
    Silicone Purgamentum: Nova Purgamentum
    Speculum, speculum urgentibusque tumido Vitrum, Crystallus speculum, speculo Speculum Heroicum ×
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